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2 years ago

S1E21 - The Overhaul Fight (74-77)

covering episodes 74-77 of My Hero Academia

2 years ago

S1E22 - Can Endeavor Be Redeemed? (78-81)

Covering episodes 78-81 of My Hero Academia

2 years ago

S1E23 - Gentle Criminal Is The Best Villain (82-85)

Featuring the voice of Gentle Criminal, John Gremillion!

2 years ago

S1E24 - Hero Too (86-88)

The Season 4 finale!

2 years ago

S1E25 - Who's Inside One For All? (89-92)

Covering My Hero Academia season five episodes 1-4

2 years ago

S1E26 - Class 1-A vs. Class 1-B (93-96)

My Hero Academia Season Five is heating up!